Thursday, December 17, 2009


The Law Of Attraction Works Again!

Here is my latest law of attraction story concerning me, smoking and cigarettes.

I remember posting about howthe law of attraction has worked for me in the past when I tried to “manifest some more cigarettes into my life. I have posted that it has worked but there have been times when I think that I have tried too hard to manifest them.

This time I managed to manifest some money into my life! Here is how it happened:

Of course I wanted more money to come into my life so that I could buy some cigarettes. Guess what happened? Of course you know we are well into the Christmas season - well I was going grocery shopping and saw one one of my neighbors on the bus. She gave me $5 for Christmas! How about that! It was almost like being able to buy free cigarettes! And to make the whole thing even more amazing he actually told me that I should use the money to buy cigarettes“!

With the $5 I was able to buy cheaper cigarettes!

I was thinking so hard of manifesting more cigarettes into my life and this recent experience shows me that the law of attraction is at work and that it does work indeed!

I'm currently out of cigarettes now but you know what I'm doing right? I'm using the law of attraction to manifest more cigarettes (actually an abundance of cigarettes) into my life!

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